Why MorganBuschMusic.com?

  • Beautiful, easy to learn arrangements. The arrangements on this site were written with casual, non-professional choirs in mind. The goal is to make your choir sound fantastic without hours and hours of rehearsals learning difficult parts. Melodies are easy to learn and harmonies are clear, natural, and often backed up in the accompaniment.
  • All parts are written within the range of the average singer. Basses aren’t asked to hit low E’s and sopranos don’t need to hang out on high A’s all afternoon. Additionally, each song includes a range listing so you can know before you buy if a particular piece is a good fit for your choir.
  • Incredibly easy to use. Before you buy, you can listen to all the songs (with live recordings where available), read the lyrics, see the ranges for each part, and have a sneak peek at the music itself. After purchasing, you can instantly download and print the copies of your music as well as an accompaniment track so you can get rehearsing right away.

About Morgan

Morgan has been playing music since he learned the accordion at age 8 and has been writing music since he was 10. While he dabbles in orchestration and piano solos, his greatest love is arranging hymns. There’s nothing so rewarding as taking beautiful old verses, dusting them off, and helping people hear familiar messages with new ears. He, his wife, and his 2-year-old son are off at graduate school, but will always call Florida home.